The AH-6J is a military light attack chopper and is often reffered to as 'Little Bird'. They are often used in special operations. In OF:DR, its appearance is rare, only appearing in one of the expansion packs.

Capacity Edit

The AH-6J can carry a pilot (who is also a gunner, firing the minigun and the rockets), a co-pilot (who has a better vision from the cockpit and able to issue orders for the pilot). It has no room for passengers.

Weapons Edit

The AH-6J is armed with 2x M134 7.62mm Miniguns and 2x LAU-68MM Rocket Pods, capable of firing 70mm Hydra rockets. The typical loadout is 9999 rounds for the miniguns and 14 rockets.

Recommended UsageEdit

As with most helicoptors, use speed and avoid taking fire. Its Hydra rockets are available in limited quantity but they can wreck serious havok, being able to take out an APC with a single direct hit. Maka a quick first pass over the target area, destroy key defenses with the rockets. Circle back for 2nd and 3rd run with the miniguns to destroy remaining forces. Never hover over the target area.

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