The ZBD-97 or Type 97 is an infantry fighting vehicle of Chinese origin. Its design is loosely based on the Russian BMP-3 IFV, having a turrent armed with both a large-caliber cannon and an autocannon. In OF:DR, it is one of the PLA armored units but encounter with one is quite rare.


The Type 97 is design to carry a driver (who operates the vehicle), a gunner (who operates the turret weaponary with an optional IR vision), a commander (with 360 degree daylight/IR vision), and 6 passengers. Its armament consists of a 100mm smoothbore cannon/gun launcher, 2A72 30mm autocanon, type-67-II 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and are all operated by the gunner in the turret. Typical loadout consists of 30 HEF rounds, 8 ATGM anti-armor missiles for the 100mm cannon, 250 x 4 AP rounds, 250 x 4 HE rounds for the 30mm autocannon, and 250 x 7 ball rounds for the type-67. The vehicle can reach 75kmh on land and is capable of swimming calm water at 45kmh.


A single HEAT rocket hit anywhere from any angle can knock it out of action. HEF rockets can also be used to some effectiveness if you managed to hit it from the side or the rear, often disabling the vehicle in 1 or 2 hits. Its 100mm smoothbore cannon is devastating on anything but main battle tanks but the AI seldom uses it. Close-range hits from rounds to the sides and the rear can disable the engine (confirmed with the M82A1 with approx. 7 shots) and the onboard weapon (with approx. 14 shots). If you are a sniper equipped with an anti-material rifle, try to get reasonably close without getting spotted, and unleash a whole clip before it has a chance to turn around and shoot at you. The occupants usually survive and come out of the vehicle once it is out of action so do not get too close.

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